Lake Bohinj

Fishing family Bohinj was founded on the initiative of ten enthusiasts from Bohinj on 31 January 1999 and first operated as the Bohinj Fishing Association. Later, based on the decision of the assembly of members, it was renamed to the Fishing family Bohinj and took over the management of the Bohinj fishing district.

In addition to the founding year, 2008 was also a turning point. At that time, the Municipality of Bohinj granted the building right on the land, where the members later started the construction of a fishing house and a fish farm. In October of the same year, a concession agreement was signed with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Slovenia, on the basis of which Bohinj anglers have the right and duty to manage the Bohinj fishing district for a period of 30 years.

The mission of the Fishing family Bohinj is to preserve clean and unspoiled nature, care for aquatic life, raising awareness of people (especially youngsters) and to spread awareness of respect for nature and its beauties. The wish of the members of the Fishing family Bohinj is to find peace and contentment in nature in the future as well.

Fishing in Bohinj has a rich history. In 1942, one of the first fish farms in Europe was built in Bohinjska Bistrica near Zois mansion, which was very modern at that time. Let us also mention the fish farm below Pršivec, where up to two million grayling fry were bred every year. They were fed exclusively with plankton, which was taken from lake Bohinj.